Author: Emily Miller

4 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Round Rock, Texas

In recent years, Texas has experienced a huge influx of new residents from other parts of the country, particularly former homeowners on both the east and west coast. Just as its motto suggests, Texas welcomes all new residents to the Friendship State. For new Texans hoping to find a safe, reasonable, medium-sized city with exciting outdoor amenities, good schools, and several burgeoning job industries, then Round Rock is a great choice.

Located just twenty miles north of the state’s bustling metropolitan capital, Austin, Round Rock is a fabulous option for those seeking life outside the endless hustle and bustle of the city- but still close enough to visit on any given day.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know before making the big home move to Round Rock, Texas.

1. Job Opportunities

For young single professionals, or for established employees seeking a change of location or position, the job opportunities in Round Rock may be reason enough to move. With industries like new technology, health care, and education growing quickly in Austin, many major national companies, like Dell, have expanded into neighboring Round Rock as well.

So this humble city offers a bustling and dynamic economy with increasing opportunities for employment. In addition, the affordable cost of local utilities like internet and cable allows remote workers to transition to life in Round Rock without experiencing any problems.

2. Schools

Round Rock’s suburban feel makes it a great choice for families seeking to relocate, especially families with young children. The promising choice of schools within an acclaimed school district makes for a strong educational network as well.

The Round Rock Independent School District is known throughout the Friendship State for the high quality education it provides to its students, from pre-Kindergarten all the way through high school. Students in grades K-12 consistently perform higher on standardized exams in this school district than the average rates across the state of Texas.

Higher education opportunities in Round Rock include Texas State University’s Round Rock campus. There college students can study health science, education, computer science, and other subjects at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree levels. Nearby Austin Community College offers a diverse range of course subjects for undergraduate students and continuing adult studies. And Texas A & M’s Health Science Center offers medical school students the opportunity to complete training in clinics and hospitals throughout the region.

3. Climate

It is a well known fact that still bears repeating: Texas is hot. The hot, hot, hot summers may be a deterrent for some, but Texas locals know how to adapt, especially when you are lucky enough to live near gorgeous natural springs. There you can jump in and cool down right away.

Air conditioned indoor activities may be a must during the most intense heat of the summer, but for snowbirds, the trade-off comes in the winter, when the weather largely stays mild all through the winter months, with highs of around 65 degrees and lows of roughly 45 degrees. While there may not be snowfall, there are ice storms that occasionally affect the area, so residents should be aware of potential hazards during those storms and stay off the roads.

When the weather allows, there are plenty of gorgeous outdoor landscapes to explore in the areas surrounding Round Rock. Round Rock is uniquely situated in between the dry desert heat of the American southwest and the humid, subtropical southeast. The transitional climate leads to natural springs and beautiful landscapes that serve as the perfect setting for outdoor hikes.

4. Activities

There may not be major international museums in Round Rock, but the local venues offer wonderful entertainment options and a vibrant annual calendar of events. Centennial Plaza hosts concerts, theatrical performances, and other events on its sprawling public lawn and in its amphitheater. For dining options, Round Rock residents can enjoy the best of iconic Texan Southwestern fare, from Tex-Mex to BBQ. Local restaurants use locally sourced ingredients in their menus, which contributes to the friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

For a romantic evening out, couples can explore the wineries located in nearby towns, like Cedar Park, New Braunfels, and Dripping Springs. Go stargazing under the vast Texas sky at the Tres Lunas Resort in the Loyal Valley, or put on your dancing boots and kick up your heels at the old timey dance hall in Luckenbach.

Round Rock calls itself the Sports Capital of Texas and the wide variety of sports venues and clubs would seem to support the claim. From Dell Diamond, home of the Round Rock Express baseball team, to Setter’s Park, where locals can play baseball, soccer, golf, or softball, there are endless ways to get active and join in on the fun with other local athletes. The park, which spans nearly 650 acres, also offers seven different playgrounds, over three miles of walking and bicycling trails, and a pier where you can fish for local species like catfish, bass, and perch.

Final Thoughts

No matter the reason for the move, if you are looking for a safe, comfortable medium sized city to live in, that just so happens to be located in one of the most exciting states in the country, then Round Rock should be high on your list to consider.

Keep in mind all the factors that matter most to you during your house search. As long as you do a little research before you move, you will be able to settle in quickly and comfortably. Sooner than you know it, you will be embracing the local lifestyle of every Round Rock resident in the Friendship State.

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