The Latest with Interest Rates - February 11, 2021

Interest rates are continually hitting record lows, and we just saw them go down last week. If you're in the process of buying a home or are looking at buying one, you'll need to be fully pre-approved to get through underwriting. Our team has several solutions for buyers in order to get them through various multiple offer situations, and we also have options to turn the majority of our buyers into "cash buyers". This gives our buyers a competitive edge when competing in the ever-present multiple offer situations. We continually serve our clients and remain aggressive for our clients on both the buy-side and the sell-side. Our various lender partners will always attempt to qualify buyers with personalized and specialized strategies so they can buy non-contingent. We also have our lenders call listing agents for our buyers to show the buyer's strength to ensure we are in top position. 30-year purchase rates are remaining at about 2.5% and are projected to remain in the same range. Our team will have a solution for you on the buying or selling side to make sure you are truly taken care of. In this current market, who you hire as your real estate team matters more than ever.

Don't make a $30,000 mistake or lose out on your dream home by not having The RJF Team in your corner.

If you are interested in discussing your various real estate needs and how these unprecedented rates could potentially benefit you - fill out out Contact Us Form or give us a call at 512-537-4977 and we can connect you with our preferred lender!

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Read more from the Federal Reserve on released interest rate info HERE.