Lanscaping Trends to Increase Your Home Worth

Your Austin residence's value transcends mere finances, encompassing privacy, security, and the pride of owning prime real estate—a dream come true for every homebuyer. Landscaping possesses the remarkable ability to significantly boost the worth of your Austin home. With the Austin housing market currently experiencing a remarkable surge, with average home sales up by more than 41% from last year, the timing is ideal for selling. There's no need to delay, even during the holiday season. Prioritize enhancing your front, back, and side yards to leave a lasting impression.

Exciting Lawn Ideas

Why stick to the conventional straight lines while mowing your lawn? Chances are, your Austin lawn features warm-season grass varieties like St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bermudagrass, centipede, or Buffalo. Even if you've opted for "low maintenance" grass, it still requires regular weeding, fertilization, watering, and edging. However, when it's time to mow, consider adding a touch of creativity with zigzags, checkerboards, diamonds, arches, or playful squiggly lines. You can further enhance your lawn's appeal by changing mowing directions with each session to encourage grass blades to stand tall. For those interested, lawn striping rollers and kits are readily available at local hardware stores.

New/Moving to Texas? Here are 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Texas Lawn

Vibrant Flower and Vegetable Gardens

Bright blossoms and homegrown veggies provide potential buyers with a glimpse of the serene life they could enjoy. Opting for native plants is an excellent choice in Austin, as they flourish with minimal water and fertilizer requirements, boast resistance to pests, and easily endure the region's subtropical climate. Native Texas plants like winecup, blue mistflower, rockrose, and Missouri primrose introduce a burst of color that attracts various forms of wildlife, including birds, butterflies, and bees. These low-maintenance plants also make your property more appealing to prospective buyers.

The Eco-Friendly Rain Garden Trend

Rain gardens designed with environmental consciousness are gaining popularity. These gardens serve multiple purposes, creating habitats for wildlife, purifying water by filtering contaminants, and preventing soil erosion. By incorporating a rain garden into your Austin property, you communicate your commitment to environmental conservation.

The Value of Trees and Shrubs

In Austin's scorching summers, shade becomes a prized asset. A well-planned combination of deciduous and evergreen trees can provide your home with much-needed protection from the relentless sun. According to the Austin Utilities Partnership in Planting, a thick tree canopy significantly reduces electricity consumption. In fact, a full acre of trees has the potential to absorb exhaust emissions equivalent to a vehicle covering 26,000 miles in a year. Shrubs such as Texas barberry, crape myrtle, and autumn sage not only contribute to the aesthetic beauty of your landscape but also attract charming wildlife like butterflies and bees.

Incorporating Must-Have Trends

In today's tech-driven world, convenience starts with a voice command or the tap of an app. Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowers us to control various outdoor elements, from lights and robotic lawnmowers to barbecues, swimming pool heaters, lawn sprinklers, and garden monitors. You can even identify insects and plants using your cell phone camera. To bring your backyard up to speed with these modern conveniences, it's advisable to consult a smart home technology expert. Homebuyers are increasingly seeking the ease and convenience of smart technology.

Creating Inviting Hardscapes

Even on the hottest, most humid Texan days, the allure of outdoor living remains undeniable. Decks, patios adorned with slatted pergolas, barbecue pits, stone pathways, decorative fencing (while adhering to residential fencing regulations), ponds, sculpted waterfalls, and, for some, swimming pools, all contribute to an inviting outdoor oasis. However, if you're considering adding a pool, it's crucial to evaluate whether it would genuinely enhance your home's value before engaging a contractor.

Professional Assistance or DIY

While smaller home improvement projects are well-suited for DIY enthusiasts, preparing your home for sale may require professional assistance. Landscape architects possess the expertise to select the right trees and shrubs and determine their optimal placement. Landscape workers handle the heavy lifting. Once your landscaping project is complete, your real estate agent can accurately price your home for maximum profitability, ensuring you get the best value for your Austin residence.