Entryway, Utility Room, Drop-Zone

What do all of these have in common? They're the designated spot in our home where all of our "stuff" ends up at the end of the day. Shoes (so many shoes), backpacks, jackets, purses, and so much more! With summer coming to an end and school starting up, now is the perfect time to have a system in place so you can easily clear the clutter--even when life gets busy! Whether you don't have much space, need to use your garage, or have space in your utility room we're sharing plenty of ideas to transform your space and get the well-designed look you desire!




Before You Start

The secret to staying organized is making it easy on everyone to repeat the process daily. If your kiddos don't normally bring their shoes and backpacks to the front door, it may be more challenging to keep that new routine in place. Keep it simple and start where everything naturally collects. If everyone's drop zone is by the garage or utility room, that's the perfect place to begin! Keeping things familiar will help everyone maintain organization.




Working With A Small Space?

Not to worry! Maximizing the space you have is what organizing is all about! No need for a massive utility room or large entryway! If your floor plan is tight on space, there are plenty of ideas to achieve organization that still matches your style. One great place to start is by selecting individual pieces that fulfill a specific need. 

We love the idea of hiding your things in plain sight! Find a stylish cabinet that does't actually look like a shoe cabinet so shoes can be neatly tucked away. If your hallway or entryway is narrow, there are plenty of options at a place like Ikea. Their Hemnes Shoe Cabinet is a great example of how functionality can meet style. Even better, it isn't too big, AND there's still room for a lamp or other decor on top!

Once you've chosen the main piece for storage, you can tie it all together with other organizational items. Hang a mirror above the shoe cabinet or bench, use floating shelves for baskets, hang a coat rack like this one from West Elm, hang backpacks at a lower height for easy accessibility, and finally--add a rug that matches your style to finish it off!

Photo credits--Top: West Elm, Middle: 600sqft, Bottom: Momtastic




All-In-One Options:

Are you more interested in the locker/cubby look and want everything all-in-one? There are plenty of options to meet your needs too! Simply search for a "hall tree" and you'll find a great selection of sizes and customizable choices that are also aesthetically pleasing!

This beautiful hall tree from Wayfair is a great option if you're not wanting to shop for individual pieces or hang individual storage items. This all-in-one approach will serve your organizational needs while still being budget friendly. The top shelf is perfect to place baskets for smaller items, the pre-installed hooks are great for hanging jackets and backpacks, and we love the individual drawers to conceal all of your shoes!

Want to take it up a notch? This hall tree from Home Depot will blend in perfectly if you have white walls and will certainly bring the much-desired mudroom look to your space! Our favorite features with this option are the individual cabinets that act as lockers, AND the chalkboard panels for simple personalization. This piece also comes with individual drawers and cubbies on top. 




Customize Your Garage

Does utilizing your garage space make more sense? Check out these effective ideas to bring aesthetic and tidiness to an unexpected place!


Too many shoes to count? Keeping them on a designated garage shelf is the perfect idea! One thing we love about using your garage as a drop-zone is that it's usually the main entrance families use at their homes. As soon as everyone is out of the car, their shoes can be put up, along with anything else they have!

Don't have as many things to store away? Keep it simple by hanging a cubby with built-in hooks and add a bench! The cubbies are perfect for baskets and bins and keep things separated for each family member.

Photo credits--First: Simply Organized, Second: The Pragmatic Parent




Personalize It

Perhaps the best and most fun step is to personalize whichever option works best for you and your space! Whether you've customized your entryway/garage with individual pieces, chosen a beautiful and functional hall tree, or you already have a built-in mudroom--making it personal to your family is what's most important. Add your kiddo's names, family photos, and even your own personal flare with varying colors and texture. Check out these inspo photos to enhance your space even more!

Photo credits--First: Home Depot, Second: Fennel Seeds, Third: DIY Huntress, Fourth: Style Me Pretty


Happy organizing!


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