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With the rise in interest rates, many buyers are getting priced out of their dream home while simultaneously becoming more particular about which home they buy. After all, buying a house is most people’s largest financial investment and you’d want to make sure when the time comes to sell, you’ll get the full value, plus more. Here are a few affordable ways to increase your Central Texas home's value and desirability while interest rates rise.

Replace Hardware

The easiest thing you can do to increase your home’s value is to replace or add hardware to cabinets, drawers, and doors. You can get door knobs and handles at your local hardware store and change them yourself in an afternoon. Worn-out and old hardware is just one of many things potential homebuyers will notice. Plus, you can quickly modernize your home by replacing old hardware with a sleek new style.

Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything, and landscaping is a cost-effective option for sprucing up your home. If you want to get a good return-on-investment, this is where you should spend your money –– a nice landscape can increase home value by up to 20 percent. Adding perennials and native plants to your walkway is just one of many landscaping ideas to improve your yard. Tidying up the porch, repainting the front door, and digging up weeds are other easy and and affordable ways to boost your curb appeal.

Doorway Organization

The first thing you see when you walk into a house says a lot about a family. An organized entryway prevents clutter in the doorway and is aesthetically pleasing. Install floating shelves or a cabinet to keep shoes from piling up. Place hooks along the wall for handbags and purses. If you have kids, create a designated place to hang up their backpacks.

Increase Energy Efficiency

It gets incredibly hot in Central Texas throughout the year, with the occasional cold snaps and ice storms. Add weatherstrips to doors and windows to keep the outside weather from drafting into your home, and replace indoor lights with energy-efficient bulbs. Solar-powered lights are great options for outside.

Wall Refresh

Scuff marks, nail holes, and chipped paint are quickly fixed with a fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper. Stick with neutral colors –– it makes it easier for buyers to visualize themselves in the home. If you want to add some style though, decorative wall trims will showcase a room's space while crown molding enhances rooms with tall ceilings.

Painted Ceilings

Remember to look up when you start painting. A trend that is changing the game in interior design is painted ceilings. Instead of leaving the ceiling white, treat it as your accent wall. If your walls are painted a vibrant color, go all out and extend that color to the ceiling. Arianna Cesa with Benjamin Moore Paint told the Washington Post that, contrary to popular belief, dark colors can make a space feel larger and look more sophisticated.

Smart Home

Connecting your home and gadgets through a Wi-Fi network has never been easier. Easy-to-install products will have you controlling the lights, thermostat, and home security system with just a voice command or tap on your phone. Studies also show that environmentally conscious buyers are willing to spend more for smart home tech.

Bathroom Upgrades

Tiny changes can make a big difference when upgrading a smaller space. You want the bathroom to be a refreshing and comfortable place. Stick to earthy and neutral paints when refreshing the walls and cabinets, and when it comes to light fixtures, opt for LED vanity lights. Don’t forget to replace the shower curtain for a clean look.

Remember, increasing your home’s value isn’t a quick fix. Getting your home ready to list takes work, but you don’t have to do it alone. A trusted Realtor knows the market and will help you get the best offer possible on your home when the time comes to sell.

Contributed by: Gina Thompson

Gina Thompson is an experienced multimedia journalist, producer, and content writer born and raised in Texas. In her spare time, she loves catching a live band, dancing, and finding the next big taco spot.