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Mueller, Austin is a small, quiet community of people, with a population of 5000. It's a village located in northeast Austin, built on the former Robert Mueller Municipal Airport. Mueller, bordered by I-35 to Anchor Lane from East to West and 51st St. to Airport Blvd from North to South East, occupies 700 acres. Mueller is a master-planned community for families with wide-open green spaces, parks, shops, and great schools. What's there not to love? 

In 2007, Mueller started inviting residents, and as it keeps growing, it is now a burgeoning mixed-use urban town with sustainability in mind. Mueller is fortunate to be the home of the Dell Children's Medical Center. Located on Mueller Boulevard, it's a full-service pediatric acute care hospital. 

This complete guide to everything about Mueller will have anyone consider it a place for a quality life.

Mueller Neighborhood History in Austin, TX

Originally located on the city's outskirts, the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport opened in 1930. With the rapid city development and the downtown growing, the airport became landlocked over the years. 

To combat this, the Mueller Airport shut down, and the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport opened further east in 1999. At this time, the Austin City Council decided to revitalize that area with the former airport, and from 2007 till 2017, with a master plan in action, the result was a new sustainable district. 

Real Estate in the Mueller Neighborhood in Austin, TX

The residential development in Mueller is recognized for its innovation and sustainability. The residential and commercial spaces, developed with a high walkability score and strict green housing guidelines. 

There are more than 4,900 single-family and multifamily homes in Mueller. These range from townhomes, rowhouses, yard homes, condos, and rental apartments. More than 100 homes in Mueller are part of the Mueller Affordable Homes Program. 

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Neighborhoods Around the Mueller Neighborhood in Austin, TX

Mueller is 3 miles to Downtown Austin, 2 miles from the University of Texas, and popular neighborhoods nearby include:

  • Hyde Park to the northwest
  • Cherrywood to the southwest
  • Windsor Park to the north
  • North Loop to the north
  • East Austin to the south
  • Ridgetop to the northwest
  • Dellwood to the west

Hike & Bike Trail Near Austin, TX

Schools in the Mueller Neighborhood in Austin, TX

Students living in Mueller attend schools under the Austin Independent School District. McCallum High School in Mueller is widely recognized for its Fine Arts Program that offers dance, music, visual, and performing arts. 

The following are public elementary, middle, and high schools:

Mueller, High School

What To Do & Outdoor Attractions in the Mueller Neighborhood in Austin, TX 

Mueller, Austin has numerous trails, paths, and neighborhood parks, a total of 140 acres of green space. 

  • Mueller Lake Park is the largest park in Mueller. It's 30 acres in total with a 6.5-acre lake. A great spot to work out, hit the 5-mile hiking and biking loop trail, have a picnic or marvel at the public art installations. 
  • Northwest Greenary and Southwest Greenary are ideal for families and kids. They both have playgrounds and picnic spots. You can also hike or bike at the parks. 
  • Patterson Neighborhood Park is located across Mueller Lake Park and Airport Blvd. It features a skate park, lots of green space for picnics or playing sports, and a playground. 
  • Smaller parks for playing sports such as volleyball, Bocce courts, lap pools, and basketball include Ella Wooten Park, Paggi Square, John Gaines Park, and Mary Elizabeth Branch Park. For some water fun, enjoy the Bartholomew Splash Pad. 
  • For moviegoers, there is the Alamo Drafthouse on Aldrich Street. The movie theater is above the bar and event space Barrel O’ Fun, where you can enjoy craft beers and cocktails. 
  • Mueller has a children's museum called the Thinkery. Dedicated to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, math), the Thinkery allows hands-on, play-based learning. The museum has indoor and outdoor spaces and offers workshops, day camps, and a permanent exhibit. 

Things To Do in Mueller TX

Restaurants in the Mueller Neighborhood in Austin, TX

When it comes to eating out, options don't run out in Mueller. Here are some of the loved restaurants where you can find the best food in Mueller:

Mueller also has a weekly Farmer's market and food trucks. Gravy is a food truck that serves southern breakfast items. Fancy cooking sometimes, visit the H-E-B grocery store with a cafe. The H-E-B grocery store is sustainable as they come. Leed Gold certified it uses 50% less water and 80% less electricity. 

Shopping in the Mueller Neighborhood in Austin, TX

For all shopping needs, residents of Mueller, Austin have the Regional Retail District, Market District, and the Town Center district. Some notable stores include:

  • Lilla & Beth is the ultimate gift shop with a little bit of everything. 
  • New Bohemia is for the thrifty vintage shopper. 
  • Scarf Boutique has an assortment of scarves and hand-made silk accessories. 
  • Toy Dojo has high-end toys and collectibles. Also just great for window-shopping. 

Mueller, Austin is a small, quiet community of people enjoying the ideal central location in Austin. With the success of the revitalization project, the once former airport turned into a town within a town - Mueller meets the vision to create a family-friendly neighborhood with diversity, sustainability, community spirit, economic development, and a pedestrian-friendly mixed-use district. 

And there you have it, the complete guide to living in the Mueller Neighborhood in Austin, TX. 

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