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Feb. 9, 2021

10 Main Furniture Trends for 2021

10 Main Furniture Trends To See in 2021

We're officially knee-deep into the 2021 year, and last month we talked about some expected design trends that we would see this year. For this quick post, we're going to highlight 10 main furniture trends that we can expect to see more of throughout this year.

If you need some interior design help, send us a message by clicking HERE and we'll connect you to one of our designers.

  1. Various Shades of Pink
    1. We'll start to see more and more shades of soft and neutral pinks. These colors can be combined with bolder colors, like dark teal, rich green, or a bright yellow. With that being said, don't be surprised if you go to tour a house or look to make your space your own and you find more neutral pinks being present in your choices of home decor!
  2. Cozy Furniture - Specifically Cozy Beds
    1. Designers anticipate that the main trend we'll see in the bedroom is 'cocoon beds'. These are beds filled with cozy and soft fabrics from the upholstered headboard to the footboard. The idea behind this trend is that the bed should be a retreat to go and relax after a hard day at work. We can see more of this as jobs become more remote and people are spending less time at the office and more time at home.
  3. Geometry - Triangles, Hexagons, Circles - Oh, My!
    1. The importance of stylish textures, images, and drawing on various things throughout the house is on the rise. Many designers believe that fashion is striving hard to incorporate more modern and clean designs - and shapes capture that goal seamlessly. Asymmetric shapes, symmetric shapes, drawings, and MORE can be found on a lot of interior design items (furniture, especially).
  4. Natural Materials 
    1. We're not sure if you've noticed, but the demand for natural materials and textures has seen an exponential increase at the end of 2020 and is here to stay for the duration of 2021. Whether it be natural wood textures, smooth clay accents, or exposed rock or brick infused with modern designs, complex and sophisticated combinations of textures add a sense of elegance and depth to any space. Some common combinations of natural materials we are seeing more and more of include wood with quartz or marble, or clay and ceramics with concrete and metal.
  5. Rounded Shapes 
    1. Furniture pieces with soft, rounded shapes that are smooth and sleek seem to be making a return from the 1970s. However, these furniture pieces paired with the neutral or rich colors, a balance of textures, and updated spaces keep the room aesthetics much more comfortable and elegant.
  6. Metal
    1. In addition to the unexpected color schemes for furniture (soft pinks, dark and rich colors, etc.) for 2021, we see a lot of unusual metal applications. Gold, brass and blackened bronze has become popular in a lot of interior designs and layouts that we are seeing today, and this trend is here to stay for the duration of 2021.
  7. Individuality 
    1. The more time being spent at home has caused an increase in the demand for custom-made designer pieces. A lot of individuals have found immense value in pieces that are one-of-a-kind to their tastes while also providing functionality and an outlet for expressing themselves. Buyers are interested not only in the exterior of the furniture item, but the history behind the furniture piece and the meaning of it.
  8. It's the little things - seriously.
    1. Attention will be focused not only on the general style of the item, but also in the smallest of details - including the way the upholstery is stitched onto the item, the shade, and more. There might be a lot more to furniture you buy in 2021 than you think!
  9. Art Deco - Have you heard the latest?
    1. Art deco in trendy colors and designs are making their way through the 2021 year. This style embodies luxury, brightness, and brilliance through the design! Don't be surprised if you see a lot more of this in the future!
  10. Your Grandma's Armoire is in - seriously.
    1. 'Out with the old' is no longer applicable (to an extent). Antique furniture is popular not only among collectors, but now are making their way into rooms of homeowners alike - adding personality and history.


See more expected 2021 Furniture Trends by clicking HERE.

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Jan. 11, 2021

Migration Patterns Amid COVID-19

LinkedIn recently shared it's data with the public to determine which cities LinkedIn users changed their zipcodes to in 2020, and Austin, TX, was the most migrated to city in the U.S.

What does something like this mean for real estate? 

It's no secret that people are moving to Central Texas in large quantities. Inventory remains at record lows. With less home supply and more home buyer demand, our real estate market leans in favor of home sellers and makes a competitive market for those looking for their next home.

The RJF Team will have a solution for you and will aggressively stand up for our clients on the buying or selling side to make sure you are truly being taken care of. In the top-migrated-to market in the U.S, it matters now more than ever to have the RJF Team in your corner.


Top 10 Cities that gained the most newcomers between April  2020 and October 2020, according to LinkedIn:

Austin, Texas

- For every one person that moved out of Austin, 1.53 people moved in.

Phoenix, Arizona

- For every one person that moved out of Phoenix, 1.48 people moved in.

Nashville, Tennessee

- For every one person that moved out of Nashville, 1.48 people moved in.

Tampa, Florida

- For every one person that moved out of Tampa, 1.47 people moved in.

Jacksonville, Florida

- For every one person that moved out of Jacksonville, 1.46 people moved in.

Charlotte, North Carolina

- For every one person that moved out of Charlotte, 1.45 people moved in.

Dallas, Texas

- For every one person that moved out of Dallas, 1.35 people moved in.

Denver, Colorado

- For every one person that moved out of Denver, 1.34 people moved in.

Las Vegas, Nevada

- For every one person that moved out of Las Vegas, 1.32 people moved in.

Charleston, South Carolina

- For every one person that moved out of Charleston, 1.31 people moved in.




Read more by clicking HERE.




Jan. 8, 2021

(no title) - Post #57276


Looking forward, homebuyers and homeowners alike are looking at revising their kitchen dreams to reflect the newest tastes in appliances, lighting. flooring, countertops, and so much more.

Check out these top 5 trends to keep your eye on when it comes to kitchens. We won't be surprised if you agree with ALL 5!


Marble Countertops 

If you're looking for the newest and trendiest staple to add to your kitchen or look for in your next kitchen during 2021 - it's marble countertops. Marble can come in bold designs or sleek tones. While offering next-level luxury for anhy kitchen, marble countertops are making their kitchen debut! Popular marble choices are Calacatta gold (beige-gold veining), Calacatta Viola (burgundy veining) and Arabescato Corchia (thick gray-blue veining).

The More Cabinets, The Better

With more and more time spent at home during the sweep of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more homeowners saw themselves cooking at home more. With more cooking brings the need for more cookware, including but not limited to pots, pans, air fryers, Instant Pots, and more. More cabinet space allows your kitchen to stay organized, decluttered, and functional.

All White Kitchens

With more time at home and an unforgettable year behind us, it is not unlikely that all-white kitchens will continue their resurgence and stay at the top of many wish lists. These all-white kitchens will bring a warm, cozy, and nostalgic feeling to the heart of any home!

Multi-functional, Hybrid Islands

If you're going to have an island or consider getting one in your home, why NOT make it functional? Go for the choice that offers additional dining space or even additional cooking space. Adding value and functionality to your home is easier than ever with a hybrid island.

The Return of Wallpaper

Most people steer clear of wallpaper due to the permanency and commitment it requires. However, we're starting to see options that are less permanent. Whether it is a peel-and-stick wallpaper or a small portion of the room wallpapered, adding  dimension and texture to your home has never been easier...and more stylish!


Jan. 4, 2021

Home Office Trends | 2021

It's no secret that 2020 altered the way in which we operate. Not only have our personal lives, but also our professional lives. A lot of people around the world are now working from their homes. Whether it be in your home office or on the kitchen table, working from home is now a key topic in today's society.

Check out these predictions for the BIGGEST Home Office Trends in 2021:


  • Your desk or work table should be paired with a chair you'd sit in at your dining room table. It helps the space feel more relaxed and provides extra seating when you have people over for dinner!

  • This year is an invitation to bring  joy and cheer into your home office with a playful and vibrant color palette. A rise in colorful home office accents is expected! Look into choosing the right paint color here.

  • Many homeowners or those who are frequently working from home might invest in double or triple pane windows or other soundproofing techniques, such as carpeting or acoustic panels!

  • It is highly likely that we will see the home office become an established staple in the modern home, potentially overtaking the kitchen as the focal point of the home!

  • Creating the perfect 'Zoom Room' or video conferencing space will become a norm. The two most important features to consider are lighting and background. Light your home office with multidirectional lighting to look your best on camera for all your video conferencing needs!

  • Home office areas will be much more intentionally planned and considered. Gallery Walls and styled bookcases will become more prominent as people consider their professional spaces and reflecting their style and personality through working from home!

  • We'll see a rapid rise in home office spaces that are designed to maximize self-care while helping to maintain productivity!




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Dec. 6, 2020

Round Rock & North Austin Holiday Light Displays | 2020

Check out some holiday displays in Round Rock and North Austin!


Holiday Lights in Round Rock:


Holiday Lights in North Austin:

  • Harlien Family Christmas | 400 Liscio Cove, Georgetown, TX 78628
    • 40,000 synchronized lights twinkle each evening 6PM-10PM! The homeowners will also be accepting donations for the Make a Wish Foundation.
  • Spindler Family Christmas Light Show | 2441 Candle Ridge Trail, Georgetown, TX 78626
    • An all new light show awaits you! Runs daily until January 3rd. 6PM-10PM
  • Toungate Klub Kringle | 2305 Arroyo Grande, Leander, TX
    • OPver 25,000 red, white and blue lights that twinkle to 14 different songs. This runs daily.
  • Rhodes Family Christmas | 2410 Sharon Dr. Cedar Park, TX
    • Featured on ABC's Great Christmas Light Fight, this home is collecting canned goods for a local food bank.
  • Chinati Court | Chinati Ct. Cedar Park, TX 78613



Dec. 6, 2020

Your Local Gift Guide


The holiday season is upon us! Take a look below at some awesome shopping events, local shops and boutiques, locally made products, and gift ideas to make your gifting easy and creative! Click each item for more info and to go to their site.


Annual Holiday Shopping Events

Blue Genie Art Bazaar - November 13th to December 24th | 6100 Airport Blvd, Austin

This year you have many shopping options! Choose from time slots reserved in-person or online with pickup and delivery options. All items sold are handmade by regional artists that are selected through a rigorous jury process. Featuring works by 200+ artists offering a wide variety of imaginative and beautiful gifts.

Armadillo Christmas Bazaar Art Concierge - November - December 2020 | Online

A fine art shopping destination featuring national and local award-winning artists. Enjoy regularly updated and curated collection works available for direct purchase from the artists on their linked profile pages.


Local Shops and Boutiques

Adelante | Downtown Austin

Art for the People | South Austin

Grit and Grace Boutique | Cedar Park

Hearth and Soul | Central Austin

My Happy Place | Wimberley

My Steel Magnolia LLC | Northwest Austin

Parts and Labor | South Austin

Personally Yours | North Austin

Slow North | North Austin

Take Heart | East Austin

The Rural Home | Dripping Springs

Vintage Soul | Dripping Springs


Locally Made Products

Benjamin Soap 

Small-batch, natural, artisan life of bath and beauty products.

Cornucopia Popcorn


Lammes Candies 

Legendary Texas confections made in Austin since 1885! Home of the Texas Chewie Pecan Praline.

Maggie Louise Confections 

Hand painted artisan chocolate confections!

Music of the Spheres

Locally made wind chimes crafted in many musical styles.

New Canaan Farms 

Jams, jellies, condiments, sauces, salsas, and gourmet spice blends.

Texas Hill Country Olive Oil

Culinary and spa products made from locally grown olives.

The Bees Wax Company 

Hand-crafted natural bees wax candles.

The Good Hippie

Small-batch, natural, artisan line of skincare + beauty

Yellowbird Sauce 

Spice condiments crafted to take you on a fiery-fresh food adventure.


Gift Ideas

  • Gift cards to favorite restaurants 
    • Give the gift of good eats via take out, delivery, or in-person!
  • Action Hero Training at Stunt Ranch
    • This team of professional stunt and special effects coordinators will take you through an action-packed day of explosions and adrenaline-filled stunts, teaching you the trade secrets of the special effects and stunt work you see everyday on TV and the big screen.
  • Cheese Tasting Class by Antonelli's
    • Classes led by entertaining and knowledgable cheese mongers featuring pairings, multiple cheese varieties, and entertaining tips.
  • Dessert Decorating Classes by Make it Sweet
    • Choose from a variety of different tasty dessert courses!
  • Indoor Skydiving by iFly
    • Feel the adrenaline rush of floating, flying, and free-falling on this unforgettable iFly Indoor Skydiving Adventure!
  • Trapeze Lessons by Sky Candy 
    • Always wanted to run away with the circus, or just taken with the beauty of aerial silks? Sky Candy is Austin's premier circus training center for students of all ages, body types, and fitness levels.
  • Choose an Uncharted Adventure: Smash Rooms, Splatter Paint, or Axe Throwing
    • Offering five ziplines, three of them are the longest and fastest ziplines in Texas! your adventure includes all necessary equipment and boat transportation.
Nov. 12, 2020

In-Person Central TX Holiday Events 2020

Upcoming In-Person Events in Central TX

As things continue to change due to COVID-19, here are a few in-person holiday events we found for Central Texas that we wanted to share!


Mozart's 2020 COVID Cautious Christmas Light Show - November 11th to January 6th

A perfect pairing with your cafe treats! A one hour experience with a choreographed light show and fun music that runs every hour on the hour nightly on the cafe patio. Table reservations are required.

Mozart's Coffee Roasters, Austin |


Blue Genie Art Bazaar - November 13th to December 24th

This year you have many shopping options. Choose from time slots reserved in-person or online with pickup and delivery options. All items sold are handmade by regional artists that are selected through a rigorous jury process. Featuring works by 200+ artists offering a wide variety of imaginative and beautiful gifts.

6100 Airport Blvd. Austin |


Holiday Bazaar Arts & Crafts Show 2020 - November 14th 

A variety of vendors will be present for you to start shopping for unique and handcrafted items. Admission is free but please bring a canned food item or boxes of colorful Band-Aids for the Children's Hospital.

Clay Madsen Recreation Center, Round Rock | Holiday Bazaar Website


Trail of Lights in Lakeway - November 20th to January 3rd

One of Lakeway's most cherished traditions is the Trail of Lights! Although there will be no in-person event marking opening weekend this year, the trail will be shining brightly each night with thousands of twinkling lights for all to enjoy!

Lakeway Activity Center | Trail of Lights Lakeway Website


Peppermint Parkway Plaza - November 27th to January 3rd

A plaza featuring a COTALAND Kiddie Amusement Park, a special meet and greet with Pepper and Mint, a giant ferris wheel, games, train rides, food, and more. Drive-thru experience is also offered.

Circuit of the Americas, Austin |


North Pole Flyer - Weekends: November 28th to December

A 2 hour excursion on a real train decorated for the holidays, featuring a visit from Santa and Mrs. Clause, all-you-can-drink hot cocoa, and a locally baked holiday cookie.

Departs from Station Bertram | North Pole Flyer


Santa's Sleigh Selfies at Heritage Oak Park - December 4th to January 3rd

Bring your family and walk around Heritage Oak Park and see the tree lit with thousands of twinkly lights. Santa's sleigh will be setup and ready for your backdrop!

Heritage Oak Park, Cedar Park | Heritage Oak Park Calendar


Christmas on Mercer Street in Dripping Springs - December 5th 

Enjoy food vendors, children's activities, live music, and a tree lighting!

Downtown Dripping Springs | Mercer Christmas Website


Pancakes & PJ's at the Leander Public Library - December 12th 

Show off those Christmas jammies at this fun event filled with holiday spirit, a hot breakfast for all family members, Christmas crafts, and a visit from Santa! Pre-registration is required.

Leander Public Library, Leander | Pancakes + PJs Event Website




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Oct. 14, 2020

Kicking Clutter To The Curb

Whether you're changing seasons from summer to fall or changing seasons in life, kicking clutter to the curb is VITAL to making the most of the space in your home. Making the most of your space in an organized way is key for comfortable and stress-free living.

Prepping your home for sale can be stressful, but by organizing and kicking clutter to the curb, you'll see several benefits in more ways that one:

  • Your remaining time in your house before you move into your next one will be more organized and clutter-free.
  • Potential buyers that tour your home will have an easier time envisioning their lives and items in your house instead of focusing on any clutter that is not theirs.
  • Maximizing space and decluttering helps make any space seem even bigger, which buyers will definitely notice.

Here are 10 easy household items to help you live decluttered!

  1. Silicone stretch lids to replace foil and plastic wrap
  2. Sponge storage that's not an eyesore
  3. A knife block that fits in a drawer
  4. A magnetic knife holder to make more counter space
  5. A clip-on basket for storing produce, spices, and more.
  6. An over-the-sink dish-drying rack that doubles as a trivet
  7. A pre-divided Lazy Susan
  8. A knife and utensil organizer
  9. A bakeware organizer
  10. A magnetic organizer for the laundry room, kitchen and beyond
  11. An expandable, two-tier under-sink organizer
  12. A canned food organizer
  13. A forget-it's-there colander and dryer rack
  14. A way to organize your spice cabinet once and for all
  15. Some multi-use storage bins
  16. An expandable drawer organizer
  17. Airtight food storage containers you can stack
  18. A dish-drying accessory that drains directly into the sink
  19. An organizer for pans and lids
  20. A way to organize all of your Tupperware lids
  21. A nice looking spice rack
  22. A three-tier rolling cart for those things that don't have a home
  23. An over-the-door organizer for pantry doors
  24. A wall-mount spice rack
  25. A plastic bag holder


To see how these items can get you a step closer to decluttering your life, click HERE.

Happy decluttering!

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Oct. 14, 2020

Upcoming October Events 2020


If you're looking for fun things to do with the family this spooky season, check out some of these local events you can (safely) get involved with!

Oct. 15-18: The Nightmare Before Christmas at Flix Brewhouse

  • Details: Flix Brewhouse - 2200 Interstate 35 Frontage Road, Round Rock, TX at 7:00PM on the 15th, 16th, and 17th

  • Get Tickets HERE

Oct. 15-18: Dark Shadows at Flix Brewhouse

  • Details: Flix Brewhouse - 2200 Interstate 35 Frontage Road, Round Rock, TX at 7:00PM on the 15th, 16th, and 17th

  • Get Tickets HERE

Oct. 15-18: Practical Magic at Flix Brewhouse

  • Details: Flix Brewhouse - 2200 Interstate 35 Frontage Road, Round Rock, TX at 7:00PM on the 15th, 16th, and 17th

  • Get Tickets HERE

Oct. 17: BARKtacular HOWLoween Dog Festival

  • Round Rock Depot from 8:00AM to 10:00AM
  • Get Tickets and more info HERE

Oct. 17: Halloween Trail of Fun

  • This is a FREE event in Cat Hollow Part on the Community Park Trail in Round Rock, TX
  • 6:00PM - 7:00PM (before dark)
  • 7:00PM - 9:30PM (after dark)

Oct. 23: Play for Fall FUNdraising Event 2020

  • 6:00PM - 9:30PM (in two sessions) | $10 admission  |  151 North A.W. Grimes Blvd.
  • Session 1 Info & Tickets HERE
  • Session 2 Info & Tickets HERE

Oct. 25: Trunk or Treat for Special Needs Kids

  • 3:30PM - 5:30PM  |  FREE Admission  |  Rabb House on 151 N. A.W. Grimes
  • Get more info or get involved HERE

Oct. 30: Spooktacular 2020

  • 5:00PM - 8:00PM  |  FREE Admission  |  Online from the Bullock Museum
  • Get more info HERE

Sept. 30, 2020

10 Best Flower Bulbs to Plant in the Fall

Let's real (estate) talk for a moment.

First impressions really do matter in many aspects of life, but they matter especially when it comes to real estate. If you're looking at listing your home in the late winter/early spring or simply wanting to enhance your home's curb appeal for the next warm season, this easy solution is sure to impress. When potential buyers pull up to your house, the first thing they are going to notice is the curb appeal. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to spruce up the exterior of your home to make a first impression that will last. Doing this simple step now can help ensure that your home is one step closer to being listing-ready or prepped for a beautiful spring.

By planting any of these flower bulbs in mid-to-late fall, the bulbs will be ready to grow and bloom once spring comes. The exterior of your home will be surrounded by gorgeous blooms!!



Check out the 10 most beautiful spring-flowering bulbs to plant in the fall:








Grape Hyacinth

Dwarf Iris



View original article & flower images here:


Sansone, Arricca Elin. “The Top 10 Bulbs to Plant This Fall.” House Beautiful, House Beautiful, 25 June 2020,

Happy planting!



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